I belive in early training of my youngbirds. When the first round of young birds are 10 weeks old they are taken for their first training toss. They are flying for at least an hour by now. I take the young birds approximately 20 miles for their first two tosses. The birds are flying along the coast at this time. The next toss is 30 miles and they are away from the coast at this station. I stop the first round at two 20 and two 30 mile tosses. When the second round is 10 weeks old they do the same first 4 tosses with the first round birds. The next couple of tosses are 45 & 60 miles for all the young birds. I also train my birds to 100 miles before the first race, either with the club or with another flier. They go many times to the 20 mile station because this is the distance I use for mid week tosses if needed.