"There's the magic, the bond between man and bird that brings this tiny fifteen ounces of feather, muscle and intelligence, back from continents over the seas, as far as 1000 miles away. Such independent creatures, which can turn their back on man and exist quite happily without him, yet which will almost kill themselves to get back to his side - if they love him enough - and some of them do." From the book PIGEON GAS by Bilco (Bill Cowell).

You do not have to do what I suggest - ever.

Sometimes you just need to laugh - go ahead and do it now.

All writing is rewriting. I quite often update this site, so come back soon...Thanks

Keep humor with you at all times - be able to laugh at yourself and laugh at my pages if you want to.

Make your own music as you go through life.

Yee Ha, Ha, I have a bird in the Vegas race. (10/15/04).

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