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This is 1998SB2617 RCC. He was a consistent flyer as a young bird.

This is a picture of my main loft. It has five, 4' sections.

Food and Space for Thought

Young bird losses occur because of poor genetics (lack of homing ability - see page 3) and overcrowding. Take for example what pigeons do when there is not enough food for them in the wild. If you have two groups of pigeons near each other and you feed both groups the same amount - the size of each group will stay the same. However, if you decrease the amount of food in one group and add it to the other group, one group will shrink in size, and the other group will grow in size according to the food available. This example also works when the amount of space each pigeon has is taken into account. Pigeons know when there is not enough food and space for them in a loft. Pigeons naturally thin their ranks until the correct amount of food and space is available for each pigeon in the loft.